We embody the agility, entrepreneurial spirit and unique culture of a startup while leveraging the backing, strength and extensive professional network of a large, well-established company.

VOK DAMS is one of the leading agencies for event management and live marketing globally and has a service portfolio covering all aspects of todayโ€™s ever increasing live communication requirements.

MR WOLF on the other hand is a small but growing team of ambitious strategists, creatives and innovation consultants. We expand VOK DAMS original expertise beyond events and live-marketing to a full-service strategic marketing consultancy. This ambivalence is a win for our clients: We offer both the creativity and ideation skills of a creative agency as well as the implementation expertise and network of a global player.






We take a lot of pride in being independent as professionals and people. We enjoy responsibility, being self-reliant and the ownership of every single project we are working on. We are honest and donโ€™t hide behind catchy buzzwords.

On the other hand, we embrace collectivism and function as a team on every level. We read, we discuss, we go out, we present, we exchange feedback and we talk - often and candidly. We aspire to grow as a team, to never stop learning, embrace and appreciate the dynamics of an ever-changing market.


Take care of each other


Leave the comfort zone

Nerd stuff

Drink smoothies (and coffee. Sometimes.)

Talk like humans


Resist cake

Have a sales team

Sacrifice quality for profit


Work for free

Do impossible deadlines